How To Translate Websites?

How to use Google Translate to translate a website Open Google Chrome and go to, the webpage for Google Translate. In the text box on the left, enter your website’s whole URL. Choose the new language into which you want to translate your website. Select Translation from the menu.

Similarly, Is there a way to translate websites?

Visit Google Translate on your browser. Click Websites in the top menu. Setting the original language to “Detect language” is recommended. Enter a URL in the “Website” field.

Also, it is asked, How do I translate a website manually?

Configuring Google Translate. The next time you visit a website in a foreign language, you ought should be able to choose Translate this page from the context menu by right-clicking on the text. You should be able to read the content in your choice language after Google Translate has opened.

Secondly, Can Google Translate Web pages?

The Google Translate web application (opens in new tab) may be used to translate websites. You may accomplish this by copying and pasting the web page’s URL into the Translate text box and selecting the target language from the drop-down menu.

Also, How can I read a website in another language?

Hand-translated texts In a web browser, launch Google Translate and change the language options. Set the target language for the translation and the text’s current language. One such translation scenario is from Spanish to English. Your keyboard’s “Enter” key will translate the untranslated text.

People also ask, Where is the translate button in Google Chrome?

Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome app while it’s open. Choose “Translate.” from the menu.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I add the translate button to my website?

Adding the Google Translate button to a website is as simple as: The code snippet below should be copied: div id=”google translate element”> Click Edit on the page you want to edit. In the WYSIWYG toolbar, choose the Source Code Icon “>.” Place the code snippet above all other code at the top of the page. To see the draft, click.

Simply enter the URL to be translated in the left box on Google Translate. Click on the resultant link in the right box after choosing your source (and destination) languages. You’ll be sent to the webpage in the target language after being translated. To distribute the translated website, just share the URL with others.

How do I translate a webpage on my iPhone?

Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad, go to a website in the language you want to translate, and look for a translation availability indicator in the URL bar. Select Translate to [Language] from the dropdown menu after tapping the aA button in the address bar’s extreme left corner.

Can Firefox translate Web pages?

Firefox does not come with a translation feature by default. Install a Firefox add-on like Google Translator if you often need to translate stuff. If you don’t need to translate often, merely put the URL of the website you wish to translate into an online translator like Google Translate.

How do I translate a web page in Safari?

Go to the website you wish to translate in the Safari software on your Mac. The Translate button appears in the Smart Search area if the website can be translated. Select a language by clicking the Translate button.

How do I translate a page in Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge will automatically ask you to translate a website if you access it in a language other than your prefered languages in settings. translate a website manually In the address bar, click the translate button. Choose the language you wish to translate into from the option under “Translate to.” Choose Translate.

Can you translate what’s on screen?

How to utilize Now on Tap on Android Marshmallow The function promises to translate material from foreign-language websites into your language. Simply hold down the Home button while tapping the “Translate this screen” card to translate the text in applications and other displays.

Go to in your web browser. Enter the full URL, including the http://, of the website you wish to visit in the text box on the left. Select the language you wish to see the website in on the right. Click Translate after that.

How do you use Google Translate?

On or Off Switch Tap to Translate Open the Translate app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Tap Menu Settings in the upper right corner. To translate, tap Tap. Enable. With Android 10 and higher: Tap Paste. For Pixel 6 and later: You may enable Show floating icon to obtain rapid translations.

How do I make Google Chrome always translate?

Go to the website in the language that you want Chrome to translate for you in the future. To translate the page into English, click “Translate.” Toggle to “Options.” Where language is the language that is presently being shown on the screen, click “Always translate [language] to English.”

How do you change the language of a website in HTML?

Briefly stated To set the page’s default language, add the lang property to the html element at all times. You should also use the xml:lang tag if this is an XHTML 1. x or an HTML5 polyglot page provided as XML (with the same value). Simply use the xml:lang property if your website is only supplied as XML.

Can Chrome automatically translate Web pages?

Because it provides to translate most foreign language webpages into English instantly, both on the desktop and your phone, Google Chrome is a handy online browser. Although it is turned on by default, you may switch this feature on or off.

Can Google Chrome automatically translate?

You may use Google Chrome to translate a website that isn’t written in the language that your browser is set to by default. But it may be a bit unreliable, like other internet translation tools. Here’s how to disable Chrome’s translation feature if you don’t need it or if you use another one.

Why is my Google Chrome not translating?

turn on translation prompts If the browser does not automatically detect the appropriate language option, you must do so. Open the Chrome menu, choose Settings, and then go to the Settings page to get started. Click Languages after expanding the Advanced section in the Settings panel on the left.

How do I translate a HTML page?

In order to add properties to an HTML element: Click on the placeholder after adding it to the translation box. There will be a modal. Click the Apply button after you have finished translating the properties. Press Save after you have completed translating the string.

How do I add Google Translate to my HTML website?

“ a/element.js? choose box” Button on Your Website To add a Google Translate button to your website, follow these instructions: Step 1: Add a “div” element to a simple web page. Step 2: Add a reference to the Google Translate API.

How can I translate in HTML?

Using the translate property, you may specify whether or not an element’s content should be translated. Test: Change the language using the Google translate box at the top of the page, then scroll down to see what changes to the term “ice cream“: Here, we use ice cream: translate=”no”

How do I translate a page in Chrome mobile?

Chrome translation of websites Open the Chrome app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Visit a website with content in a different language. Choose the language you wish to translate into at the bottom. Tap More to change the default language. Chrome will only translate the website once.

How do I make Google Translate automatically on my iPhone?

You may change your translation choices if you choose to always translate a language. Open the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad. Visit a website that is written in that dialect. The page will immediately begin translating. Tap on the top. Translate [language] at all times.

How do I add translate to Safari on iPhone?

Here’s how iOS 14’s Safari can employ built-in language translation. When you are on a website that needs to be translated, tap the action button on the URL bar’s left side. The button has the appearance of two adjacent A’s. Click [Your Device Language] Translation. If asked, choose Enable Translation.

Does Firefox have a translation tool like Chrome?

The page translation capability in Firefox will be distinct from the one supported by Google Chrome, however. Firefox will make use of a client-side, machine learning-based translation library rather than depending on cloud-based text translation services (such as Google Translate, Bing Translator, or Yandex Translate).

How do I translate an entire page in Firefox?

Click on the Red T button and choose “Translate the complete page” if you need to translate the entire web page. The translation language may be specified in the settings, and the program will automatically identify the source language.

How do I turn on auto translate in Firefox?

In Mozilla Firefox, adhere to these guidelines. Step 1 Select “Add-ons” from the menu that appears when you click “Firefox.” Step 2 Enter “FoxLingo” in the search bar by typing it there and pressing “Enter.” Step 3: To activate the extension, click “Install,” then restart Firefox.

What languages can Safari translate?

Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish are all supported by the Translate app and the Safari translator.


Google translate is a free tool that allows users to translate websites. It also has the option to translate text messages, and it can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

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