What Is Mercari Website?

You may sell handcrafted products, athletic goods, toys, apparel, and other stuff on the retail website Mercari. In addition to a $2 processing fee for direct deposits under $10, the website charges a commission of 10% on all purchases. If your bank rejects a direct deposit transfer, there is additionally a $2 cost.

Similarly, Is Mercari a legit website?

Now, Mercari is without a doubt a trustworthy reseller platform. But now the inquiry is: “Are there buyer fraudsters on Mercari?” And the response to that is similar with those of other sites, including long-standing competitors like eBay and Amazon as well as recently well-known ones like Poshmark: YES.

Also, it is asked, Is Mercari better than eBay?

Mercari is a fantastic choice for small company owners to think about for a number of reasons, including: Free and simple listings: Mercari listings are free, in contrast to eBay, which demands payment once you use your free listings. Furthermore, whether you are a novice or seasoned internet trader, listing on the site is simple.

Secondly, How does buying from Mercari work?

Both the App Store and Google Play both offer the free Mercari app. It may just take a few minutes to list an item, and after it sells, the seller receives an email with a printable shipping label (no meetups). A flat 10% selling fee is required when a deal closes, but listings are free.

Also, Does Mercari sell fake stuff?

Products that are known to be imitations, reproductions, or otherwise not legitimate should not be advertised on Mercari. Any item that seems to be fake will be examined, and it could even be taken from the site. For example, “Imitation Apple earpods.”

People also ask, What happens if you get scammed on Mercari?

The typical line of action for a Mercari scam victim is to contact customer support with a complaint. Stop using the website if you believe it has contributed to the issue in any way.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Mercari like Amazon?

Mercari should be seen as a highly profitable new marketplace for selling used goods, retail arbitrage, and thrift shop reselling, regardless of whether you are an Amazon seller, an eBay seller, or just starting started.

How much does it cost to join Mercari?

You may sell handcrafted products, athletic goods, toys, apparel, and other stuff on the retail website Mercari. In addition to a $2 processing fee for direct deposits under $10, the website charges a commission of 10% on all purchases. If your bank rejects a direct deposit transfer, there is additionally a $2 cost.

Who owns Mercari?

Yamada Shintaro

Why do people like Mercari?

The software is a pleasure to use, and selling and purchasing things is made generally simple. In comparison to many of Mercari’s rivals, the 10% selling charge represents excellent value and a more affordable option to sell.

Do people actually buy from Mercari?

Mercari serves as a marketplace online, bringing together buyers and sellers. Therefore, you may be certain that Mercari itself is legitimate. On the other hand, much like other marketplace websites, Mercari has its share of dishonest consumers and sellers.

Who pays shipping on Mercari?

Either you or the customer may pay for shipping during the checkout process. Mercari labels include a set charge for all 50 states and up to $200 in shipping protection. Additionally, you’ll get average discounts of 30% off retail prices. You have alternatives if you’re delivering anything that is huge, enormous, or delicate.

Can you return a Mercari order?

If the buyer rated the purchase and released money to the seller or in the following situations, Mercari does not accept returns or offer a refund: Return request accepted, however after seven days of receiving the item, the buyer did not send it back to the seller.

How do you know if a seller is legit on Mercari?

Check if Mercari has vetted a vendor to ensure their legitimacy. To safeguard the security of the customer, Mercari conducts ID checks.

How long does it take for Mercari to deliver?

To ensure that your item arrives on time, we require vendors to ship items within 3 business days of the transaction. On average, it will take 3–4 days after the vendor sends an item using a Mercari prepaid label for it to reach your door.

What happens if a Mercari seller doesn’t ship?

The decision to accept or reject the cancellation request is up to the seller. Your initial method of payment will be refunded if the seller consents and we can verify that the purchase hasn’t shipped. If the seller declines, they may ship and finish the deal as originally intended.

How do you purchase on Mercari?

To make it yours, clickBuy now,” or if you want to keep shopping, clickAdd to cart.” When you are ready to check out, just follow the on-screen instructions to enter your billing and shipping details. Tap “Make an offer” to tell the seller what you’re prepared to give if you’re seeking for a better bargain.

Why does Mercari ask for credit?

Sellers must have a debit card and sign up for ID Check, Mercari’s new verification system, in order to utilize Instant Pay. “Frankly, we see our largest potential in changing U.S. consumer behavior rather than stealing market gradually from established rivals.

What is better than Mercari?

16 Online Marketplaces & Apps Like Mercari for Buying and Selling Anything Letgo. Offerup. Shpock. Poshmark. EBay. Depop. Carousell. Vinted.

Is Mercari the same as Facebook marketplace?

Mercari: The app is where all transactions happen. When a buyer clicks the “Buy Now” button, the deal is finished right away unless they submit an offer. Facebook Marketplace: Facebook recommends that buyers get in touch with sellers before making purchases.

Do you have to create an account to buy on Mercari?

almost anything Please register for an account in order to talk with the seller, like, or buy an item.

How much does Mercari take when you sell?

Payment Processing: For each payment received from the customer, Mercari charges vendors a market-competitive fee of 2.9 percent + $0.30.

How does Mercari make money?

As with any other marketplace, the bulk of Mercari’s revenue comes from seller fees, or “commission fees,” that are levied on the seller. As was already established, the Mercari marketplace transacted more than $1.17 billion in gross merchandise value (“GMV”) in 2020. On each sale, they get a 10% commission from that.

Where is Mercari located in USA?

Overview EditTypePrivateFounded2013HQ Suggest Website: mercari.com Palo Alto, California Ratings of Employees3.4

Where is Mercari company located?

Los Altos

Who is the top seller on Mercari?

If you want to sell things quickly on the Mercari marketplace, you must be aware of the top 20 best-selling goods there. Top 20 Mercari items by sales Mobile phones. Camera. Speakers. Headphones. Earphones. Smart watches gaming systems. gaming pads

What does Mercari do with your ID?

We enable the movement of money as a regulated business. We sometimes ask users to validate a form of ID in order to verify their identities in accordance with our policies and to assist stop fraudulent conduct. The market is safer as a result.

Do Mercari sellers see your address?

While a transaction is ongoing, only the buyer or seller may see your mailing address. Your address is hidden from them once the transaction is finished. The shipping label will also include your address. Users never have access to your address or other contact information outside of transactions.

Is Mercari legit and safe?

Users may do business in a secure and safe atmosphere thanks to Mercari. In order to provide a secure and dependable transaction service for everyone, Mercari additionally makes use of an escrow payment mechanism.

Does Mercari use PayPal?

All of the major credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Zip are accepted by Mercari. Additionally, you have the option of utilizing your balance or Mercari credits to cover all or a portion of your transaction. Your credit card number, expiry date, and security code are needed to complete our credit card payment procedure.

Does Mercari offer buyer protection?

Purchase with assurance. Payment is not released by Mercari until the product is delivered and the customer certifies that it is exactly as ordered. Within three days of receiving an item, the buyer may seek a complete refund if it is not as represented in the description.


The “is mercari legit” is a question that is often asked. Mercari is a website that allows users to buy and sell items from other users. The site has been around for some time now, but it’s still not clear if the site is legitimate or not.

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